Sleep deprivation, sleep deprivation, sleep deprivation symptoms, insomnia,  lack of sleep

Sleep deprivation, sleep deprivation, slerp deprivation symptoms,insomnia,  lack of sleep

Hello Friend. Welcome, everyone. In today's post in Health Tips, I will tell you if you sleep when you sleep

As much as a healthy diet is essential for the body, so much sleep is essential for our brain and body This gives both bodies and mind a race If the person's sleep is complete, he keeps energy and active throughout the day Losing the Life It is very important to have quality sleep in one moment  Hormones are produced by the child, then we sleep By which the body grows their muscles  Many people do not live much like this thing and they think it's better to sleep for 4-5 hours  But there is a lot of physical and mental effects on them with less sleep It is also bad to feel that the night you sleep less or the time you sleep when your mood is not right and you are not active for doing any work and you have irritability and your head hurts too  If a day happens, changes in your life also change and you become angrier You are more irritated and do not even think about any work

Now let me tell you that if you are less sleep then what is the harm you have

Sleep deprivation, sleep deprivation, slerp deprivation symptoms,insomnia,  lack of sleep

1. When you sleep, you can damage your long-term memory.

2. If you sleep when you sleep you will not get enough energy, so that you can work in your office college, school

3. You make a lot of people again and get angry at the matter, Your Depression Grows

4. And here the scientists have also found that if the person sleeps less then his driver's power is less.

5. Sleep is not complete, there is a great danger of having a nap as if you were driving, you could get an accident if you got to sleep. Accident on the place was the reason

6. If we sleep less then a lot of disease gets pinnacle

7. Your weight increases even after sleeping
Because when we sleep we are releasing a hormone which gives a message to our brain that our stomach is full, If we sleep less then the hormones are released less, so that we eat more than we need and our weight increases.

8. And the biggest thing is that if you sleep then it also appears on your face. Dark circles come under your eyes and you do not look good to see your face becomes a trillion

Sleep deprivation, sleep deprivation, slerp deprivation symptoms,insomnia,  lack of sleep

Friends, I am a blogger myself, I sometimes think that I should sleep less and pay more attention to my work, but with less sleep, I have a problem like that, so I want to tell you that you too Less convenience for 6 or 7 hours

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If you want to join me, I would like to ask you for a long time and sleep time and I would like to sleep for hours or for hours.
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