MORNING  WALK 

Morning walk, Benefits of morning walk, Benefits of walking, Brisk walking, Exercise, Morning workout, Good morning exercise 

Morning walk, Benefits of morning walk, Benefits of walking, Brisk walking, Exercise, Morning workout, Good morning exercise

Friends today we will read and learn how important and beneficial for the morning walk of the BODY and the BRAIN and we can be able to keep it fit and fit.  

                      <<<<<<<<<<<SO LET'S GO>>>>>>>>

                                         you can have a regular morning walk. choose a place where you're greenery. drink plenty of water before


in the morning, the whole day passes, and that is the way. the morning walk makes you feel refreshed on the day of the day. getting up early in the morning is considered very good for health. and the benefits of a morning walk6 say what. it is not wrong to be said to have a morning walk. morning walk is a very simple and convenient way to stay fit. by incorporating the morning walk into your routine, you can be healthy.

by waking up early in the morning, we have to go for the walk that makes the morning walk in clean air. but, do you know the exact way to walk? so let's talk to us and know what you can do by using the morning walk.


  1. ATMOSPHERE>>>first, then choose a quiet place to walk in the morning. where there is greenery all around, there are a natural beauty, or open space, which will make you feel better, and you will also be able to do the walK.
2. WATER >>>NO body 's in underwater shortage, you drink water and drink more water to keep your body temperature normal, so drink a glass of water before and after the walk. I want to see you. vibrating

3. ADVICE >>>PEople with heart patient, high bp or any other people who have other problems should consult your doctor before you start the walk. so they have no problems with income and work easily

4. SLOW WOLK>>>ALways keep the motion slow in the start, and always slow down until you're done in the morning, and don't be afraid to do it. start the walk slowly. and you want me to be able to do so

5. FIXED TIME>>>YOu should be focusing on all the people to have a fixed time to walk for a fixed time to walk around for hours. this will help your body to be healthier as well.

      AND in the last, I thank you for all of you to come and read for me and do comment if you need to ask me to do so.


                 MORNING  WALK 

If you think that I don't have joggers for a morning walk, but you can do it.

Lower for girls

Lower for man ....

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