HOW TO  GAIN WEIGHT

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Friends, many people have this problem I drink a lot, even then why does not my weight increase and my body remains lonely thin.

Let's know some ways to increase weight Which will make your body look a sweet and beautiful instead of looking slimy lifeless and show you strong


1. Cashew  Grind 30 grams of cashew nuts and mix well in 150 ml water and then filter it, thus the cashew nut becomes milk. This milk of cashew should be drunk once a day, with it increases weight very fast and also weakness is removed 

2. Milk and banana   By eating bananas with milk our body is filled with calcium due to which in bones and muscles Every morning I eat a banana that is 200 g of my milk, this is a very effective way to increase the weight.

3. Walnut  Walnuts have many nutrients that are very good for the body. If you want to increase your weight then soak 20 grams of walnuts daily Eat them with hot milk every morning; By doing so, WEIGHT  increases rapidly, and the problem of pain in joints also benefits. 

4. Dates and figs In order to increase the weight, remove the dates of dates and date palm in the morning and boil 4 dates and 4 figs in two glasses of milk until the glass or on top does not leave a glass Then drink this milk and eat dates and injury, fasting in the morning and drinking it while sleeping at night, the weight increases fast

5. Raising  Every day, about 30 grams of raisins should also come in the daily routine.

6. Potato is a good score of carbohydrate, so daily by eating two steamed potato pudding and after eating light hot milk, then weight increases in a few days.

How to gain weight, weight gain, how to gain weight fast, weight gain diet,

7. Almonds and butter  Almond should be soaked in water at night and after taking out the peel in the morning, they should eat 30 grams of butter and sugar candy in the middle and eat it with the opposite. A glass of hot milk should be consumed, as well as memory increases with memory

8. Brown rice  Brown Rice carbohydrate and fiber are impaired; Daily consumption of brown rice in your diet increases weight rapidly.

How to gain weight, weight gain, how to gain weight fast, weight gain diet,

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