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Do you know why your headache

Headache is not a disease in itself, it is different in our body Symptoms of diseases
 Headache is not a disease, but a symptom of a disease is simply a headache. It is a warning that there is a lot of malfunction in our body. If the malfunction can be done with physical activity then there may be muscles or any other special. Can

Colds, books, women's weakness, ear disease, lack of oxygen in the body, lack of blood, excessive blood circulation in the brain, Sleep deprivation, excessive trouble, bereavement or fear, tightening of the scalp of the head, pouring hot water on the head, the brain can be cold due to healthy time, adding in the eyes based on its meaning, Reading in the light, Reading and moving in the moving train bus etc. Reading and climbing during the night, the development of eye diseases causes various kinds of developmental headaches.

There is no one in this world who does not have a headache, the main cause of the headache is to tension. Anything that has to be seen for a long time

Many people drink cigarettes and alcohol more than they do, and they do not pay attention to their ears, which can also cause them headaches because their body lacks proteins due to which their headache,
If you see a lot of light, then your head hurts.

  • During headache your feeling grows very fast and you become more calm and more calm
  • For any object or person to see the light in the same shape around it is the highest reserve of headache, during such a pain from 5 minutes to 1 hour
  • Lack of sleep also causes headache, sleep does not come right, you feel tired and you do not sleep, due to which your head hurts
  • You will see people who have a headache, you will find that they will not water in their eyes or they will not be able to go along with them, they will have terrible headache too.
  • Tiredness in the eyes, spending more time in the sun, sleeping wrongly, sleepy life, having to be filled with food, colds and tension

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